Breed: Domestic Long Hair-gray

Age: Baby

Sex: F

Size: M
Sagittarius (Sag) &#; I was the second "Zodiac" to be brought inside, and so far, I was the sickest. Even though we were 8 - 10 weeks old when we came in, I had only developed to the size and weight of a 4-week old kitten. I had such bad infections, that when I went to the vet's, I was kept there for a couple of days for monitoring. I started getting better, so I went to my foster home with my brother Leo. After a couple of days, I got really sick again and couldn't eat, so I had to spend another three days at the vet's. I had to be given fluids intravenously, along with some antibiotics. Because of all the special attention I received, I am the most cuddly of the Zodiac kittens. I love all the attention. I love to be held and cuddled. I am also very affectionate with my siblings, and love sleeping on top of Leo. While I was at the vet's, I also met some bunnies, and I loved cuddling up with them as well! Now that I am feeling better, I am very playful and love playing with my siblings, especially Aries. All three of us get up to mischief all the time now! I am a beautiful fluffy long-haired dark gray kitten.

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Contact: Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue | Ottawa, ON