Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Age: Adult

Sex: M

Size: M
I was nicknamed "Scruffy" by my rescuer because I was such a mess when I was rescued!
I was a sack of bones, with all my ribs sticking out, and had a very matted and unhealthy coat, due to malnutrition..... However, thanks to the kindness of my rescuer, I am in great shape now! I am a young cat - about one year old. It is presumed that I was thrown outside in a box by a river - where many kittens are dumped - when I was a young kitten. Miraculously. I survived for a couple of months on my own. I followed some of the older, wiser homeless cats, and saw how a kind individual helped them and gave them food. I was fearful of humans and didn't trust them after what they had done to me, so I always lurked in the background - hiding under cars and behind bushes - desperately hoping that someone would help me, but not knowing how to ask for help. One day, my kind rescuer noticed me hiding in the background, and started leaving me food and water. Because I hadn't been around kind people before, I didn't know how to act, and growled and hissed at them if they got too close.
Eventually, I started trusting my rescuer, to the point where I no longer hissed and allowed her to pat me. I really enjoyed the affection and the attention, but I was still hesitant if there were sudden loud noises or movement. Then, one day, I allowed my rescuer to bring me inside. That was the best day of my life! I was so happy that I have turned into the most affectionate, cuddly, purring kitty ever...!! I will climb on top of you and cuddle, and purr away. I want to catch up on all the affection that I never received as a baby and while I surviving outside on my own! I was taken to the vet, where the vet declared I was a really nice, beautiful and friendly cat. The vet will vouch for me what a wonderful cat I am. I was neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and declared to be a healthy, beautiful, nice young cat - with a great personality. I was tested for various diseases and thankfully I didn't have leukemia. However, I am a carrier of FIV. (It is dormant in me, and was probably transfered to me from my mother, so I show no signs of being sick.)
I would love to finally have a permanent loving home, where I will never again have to scrounge, and lurk and hide to try and survive. I am passive, and would be suitable in a home with another passive cat, or on my own. Will you please give me a chance and adopt me?

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Contact: Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue | Ottawa, ON